About Customer Data API

Customer Data/Docs API aims toward specific kinds of essDOCS Customers falling under exporters and multi-national-corporations, including oil terminals, gas, refineries, and independent storage terminals. The endpoints under this documentation are all about importing and exporting CargoDocs data across interfaces. Here are the endpoints.


Get TokenGETDevelopers can utilize this endpoint to generate an authentication token to execute the remaining endpoints throughout the API.

Import data to CargoDocs

Import BolPOSTThis endpoint allows importing BoL/SWB data using JSON (CargoDocs format). On uploading the Json, the carrier will receive the Set-id response, the UUID for the BoL/SWB.

Export data to CargoDocs

SearchPOSTThis API allows issuers to find specific transactions or all transactions for a customer that they are authorized to download / manage. It always returns a list of set DTOs, which includes set_id & transaction_id; and set meta data If search result is unique, then will return document XML data and document_ids along with DTO.
Single PDFGETThis endpoint allows a issuer to download a copy of documents within a set. If the customer holds the original eBoL, the partner can download a version of the BoL watermarked Original in CargoDocs.