Digital Title Concepts

Some key product concepts in Exchange Title Docs are as follows:

Access Control

Once issued, the original eBoL will only be accessible to the party holding title, i.e., that party will have access control of the eBoL, and will be able to manage it as per a paper BoL, i.e., transfer it to a buyer, present to a bank, etc.

Data Hierarchy

In Exchange Title Docs we have the following data hierarchy:

Shipment > Parcel > Documents

Note: Shipments are only relevant pre-issuance of documents for cargos shipped in bulk or breakbulk.

Digital Certificates

eDocs are signed using the Digital Certificate for the signing company, which are securely stored in Exchange Title Docs.

Original Electronic Docs (eDocs)

An original eDocs comprises of:

1- The template of the relevant document form.
2- The data entered to generate the final document.
3- A digital signature (and if relevant endorsements);


Important Notes

  • The title document will always be data-based.
    • Supporting eDocs can also be created by uploading PDF documents and digitally signing them in Exchange Title Docs.


In order to complete any key activities such as signing, issuing, voiding, etc. an eBoL, the user will need to re-authenticate with either their password or MFA token.

User Hierarchy

In Exchange Title Docs we have the following data hierarchy:

Group > Company(ies) > Team > Users

Note: Managers and Users can have access to multiple teams and/or companies.