API Testing

Please contact us at [email protected] to obtain credentials for your partner sandbox environment.

Exchange Title Docs is a multi-party solution with a self-configuring workflow that reflects the paper process and adjusts based on the type of title documents, and how they are transferred and or actioned.

As such, you will need assistance during your first test cycle, with essDOCS playing the part of the other counter-parties, to enable you to fully test your API implementation against the workflows you have implemented.

In addition, the test cases you will need to adopt will depend on how which APIs you implemented, based on the workflows and functions required by your customers. These will change depending on the mode they use for transportation, i.e., bulker, tanker, containers, etc., and the industry segment they are in, i.e., agri shipments will use bearer eBoLs and present to their bank under a doc collection, whereas energy shipments will be to order buyer and presented to banks under a letter of credit.

Post-connecting to our APIs, we will schedule a joint call with our Quality Assurance team to assist you in testing new workflows in real-time. These joint tests take 60-90 minutes.

We will also require a sandbox environment on your side, to allow us to add testing your solution integration after each of our quarterly releases.